Digital Multimedia

Allison Cooper

Summary of Multimedia

I've Allison Cooper have accomplished Go Animate and Edmodo and in design. they was pretty fun and they helped me with all my work throughout the year.

Digital Multimedia Reflection

school Questions

1. i remember joking around with my friends in class
2. i accomplished is getting my work did even thought i didn't know how to do it
3. the challenging part is that i had to use the pen tool.
4. i could change the way my attitude was
5. I've learned how to used In-design, edmodo, and Go Animate
6. it was hard making new friends
7. how to get alone with classmates
8. cool, smart, shy, short, funny, talkative, goofy,
9. teaches me what i need to know
10. to get ready because this is kind of a hard class when you start using the pen tool