Toddlers Rampage

By julian and Kade

Professional Support

Chuck Norris, Bungee, Microsoft, 343 Industries, Treyarch, Pop cap, Sony, Mojang, and Bill Gates support this game. Everyone is buying this game so why don't you come down to your local video game store and buy Toddlers Rampage!

Unique Features!

This extremely age appropriate game (ages 2 and up) doesn't include real violence! The guns are replace with baby bottles, instead of score streaks you can call in a wave of super babies, instead of grenades it's diaper bombs. And the final non violent feature is, instead of zombies it's teachers and nurses. It's every babies dream to go on a rampage against teachers and nurses!

Compare To Other Games

Toddlers Rampage makes other video games look low life or bad. What makes this game so good is the awesome and fascinating features and graphics. Instead of blood like normal games, there is ketchup, so parents will approve of this game too. Toddlers Rampage makes Black Ops 2 look like Tellitubies!