Universal God

The Concept Of A Universal God And Brotherhood

Every life in itself, has different meanings and comes with diverse implications. The spiritual mode of science tells us something about the difference between men and women and their unique spiritual quotients. Universal Brotherhood, is not just a term to be mentioned in books or to be educated to students in the classroom. On the sacred terrain of mother earth, people need a power that they can look up to but conventional religion might not always be the answer to this need. Who really has understood the true meaning of GOD? These high instigations have advanced over the time yet few answers are not known. To overcome the trials and tribulations of life, one needs to know the real meaning of Global Peace, conflict resolution and who the Universal God is.

Let us take the example of white light – one of the most everyday occurrences in our life. White light comprises of all different colors of the scale. But they come together to form something pure and pristine. Universal God has a wide spectrum of meanings and you need to open your mind to understand them. Similarly, communities and the members of this circle have cultured the lessons given by all the color rays of light. The work of this society is mainly on the mental level. They generate thought processes that put forward the next evolutionary step for the betterment of humanity. These global peace thoughts are 'picked up' by the precursor of humanity, who then deliberately works on these ideas and over the years to come, they slowly but surely start manifesting in reality. This is the idea behind Universal God and Universal brotherhood.

This tells us the main reason that why many astrologers and scientists come up on one platform and work for human betterment - global peace and self discovery. These people work autonomously and are synced with the idea that a person’s thought processes should be on the right wavelength. As per many scientific researches, life is kind of a chemical reaction and physical process by its basic nature. And out of matter, life has emerged as an effect of this bio-chemical harmony in the various genes of living things. Aristotle the great philosopher, once recommended in his findings, that 2000 years ago, 'nature' changed slowly and gradually from a non-living to living entity, and that one was not able to see the periphery between the two which might have existed. There is the continuation of two worlds in this life, The Universal God and the Universal Brotherhood or the world of living things or the world of non-life. Just as the rope is shaped of a immense figure of superior threads, so the universal world line of the globe is made up of more than a few thin strings like animals, trees, flowers, oceans, insects, mountains and human beings and the like.

The Universal Brotherhood and the concept of universal God is not superficial, it has its own existence on the esthetic grounds of life. However, finding and understanding the true facts is also not easy. People consistently thrive to work on bonds, theories and ideation on human nature just to make the next life a better place to live. Visit The-universal-god.com to know more.

About The Book

Have you ever wondered if God discriminates against anybody for being a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a practitioner of any other faith? The-Universal-God.com answers this question and many more. It is a self-help guide for people who wish to learn the truth about the REAL God, the God of humankind.