World War 1

Created By: Christina Kozub

Why did World War 1 begin?

  • On June 28 1914 a Serbian man assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand was in line to be king of Astria-Hungary. About a month later Astria-Hungary declared war on Serbia because of the assassination.

where was ww1 and who and what countries were involved

  • WW1 began in Astria-Hungary and in Belgum France. There where two sides in the war the Allied and the Central On the Allied sides was......
  • Allied Powers:
  • Serbia
  • France
  • Russia
  • Great Britain
  • Belgum
On the Central side was.......

  • Astria-Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Germany

what lead the us coming into the war

  • What lead the U.S into the war? Two major events lead the U.S into the war. But Woodrow Wilson (President at the time) tried not to get the U.S into the war but these two major events made them come into the war. The first event happened on May 7th 1915 when a German sumberine sank a British ocean liner called the Lusitania. And 128 American civilians died. The second event happened on February 1917 when a the Zimmerman telegram was discovered. It was a telegram from Germany stating that they asked Mexico to join the war. In return Germany let Mexico take a bunch of Southwestern states from the U.S and that caused the U.S to attack.

what was the outcome of the war

  • An internal revolution caused Russia to pull apart and that made the allied forces desperate for help. Then the U.S had to help on the side of the allies on April 1917. Congress passed the Selective Service Act that stated that all men from 21 to 31 had to join the armed forces to help out in the war. The U.S drafted 3 million people that included 350,000 African Americans. With the help of the Americans the allied started winning and pushing the Central forces back. Then after the war as the result of the Allie forces winning there was a Treaty Of Versailles made Germany accept the blame of the war and made them pay 33 billion to repair the war.