West Olympia CC February 11

Foundations & Essentials Week 17, Challenge Week 5

RESCHEDULED! Parent Equipping: Looking Ahead

No matter where we are in our homeschooling & CC journey, we want to know what lies ahead. This Equipping Event is for all families, whether you are starting a new level or not. Come and glean some vision of what is coming as you hear from our directors and other parents on the levels that are ahead of you - both Essentials and Challenge!


Information Meetings

If you have a friend, family member, or maybe you just want a refresher, come to any of the Information Meetings scheduled for this semester:

TUESDAY, February 16, 7pm, West Side Panera, RSVP to Melissa at mrubert@classicalconversations.com

March 7, 7pm, West Side Panera, RSVP to Renee-Michelle at rmlkirk@hotmail.com

April TBA

Foundations Week 17: Digging Deeper

We had a wonderful time painting on plaster of Paris as we learned about Michelangelo. Khan Academy is a great resource for digging deeper! Sistene Chapel, Moses. There are other videos and articles there - but beware of the appropriateness of some of the paintings and sculptures.

A great biography of Hernan Cortez - with a nice 3 minute video that ends with the sad truth of what happens when one people group 'conquers' another.

  • Check out your Classical Acts and Facts HIstory Card # - see page of your Foundations Guides for more connections between the timeline points and the history sentences.

Take a virtual visit to Arches National Park - This one is just video with music, this one is a ranger talk about the park. A little evolution talk, but great way to initiate conversation about it.

Essentials Week 17 - Here is an online math games site - which includes Battleship!

Challenge Overview

Challenge A
  • Drawing the digestive system and defining terms such as pancreas, appendix, and spleen.
  • Writing a persuasive paper on "A Door in the Wall" using their outines.
  • Finishing up Catechism for "It Couldnt Just Happen"- 54 questions and answers memorized!

Challenge B

  • Read “The Schoolboy’s Story” Is there a Bible verse that speaks to the theme or issue in the stories? Bring the verse to class and be prepared to discuss how it applies.
  • Write direct and cross–examination questions for the prosecution witnesses.
  • Read Ch 5 of Defeating Darwinism and define: reductionism; natural selection; the matter/information debate.

Challenge I

  • Read "Investment Survival in Today’s Tough World" in Bluestocking Guide.
  • Continue to accumulate research on their chosen project
  • Write the 1AC for the Immigration Case as assigned.

Challenge II

  • Prepare for the dissection for next week on Phylum Chordata.
  • Is Robinson Crusoe a likeable or admirable character? Support their response with evidence from the book.
  • Research and write a summary of Ludwig van Beethoven

Challenge I & II Yearbook Committee

Students from Challenge I & II are invited to participate in the yearbook committee headed up by Janice Uhlmeyer. If your student is interested in participating, please contact Janice at jandju@q.com.

Mark your Calendar: End of Year Celebration at Calvary Chapel, May 2. Set up at 4:30, Potluck, then Program starts at 7pm

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