Coronary Artery Disease

(supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscle)

Body Systems That Are Affected

Cardiovascular System:

(The network that delivers blood to the body's tissue)

Integumentary System:

(protects the body from various kinds of damage such as loss of water or abrasion from the outside)


  • Skin
  • Hair

  • Heart

How It Works

Cardiovascular System

  • Transports oxygenated blood cells that provides nourishment

  • Blood vessels get clogged and blood starts to stop circulating

Integumentary System

  • Keeps the nourishment from exiting out of the body

  • Starts to rebuild with blood and the blood dries up to prevent any more damage

Who Are Affected

  • Kills about 600,000 people annually

  • Coronary artery disease can begin as early as childhood

  • Twice as many people die from cardiovascular diseases than all other forms of cancer

  • Men are affected four times as frequently than women before the age of 40 to a 8:1


  • Diabetes that have been passed down by family

  • You start sweating

  • You start heavily breathing

  • Long term smoking


Medical Doctors Check For:

  • Heavy coughing

  • Bloodwork

  • Stress testing

  • Bad lungs from smoking

  • Checks your heart beat

  • Asks if you're having a hard time breathing

Signs and Symptoms

  • High blood pressure

  • Shortness of breathe

  • Dizziness

  • Faintness

  • Stress

  • Chest pain

  • Pain increases with activity

Treatment for this Disease

  • Exercise

  • Balanced diet (eat fish, leafy green vegetables, and nuts)

  • Typically about 8 hours of sleep

  • Heart surgery

  • Stop smoking (if you are a smoker)

  • Manage your diabetes (if you have diabetes)


  • Much harder time breathing after

  • Harder time with your basic life style

  • Insufficient blood flow throughout the body

  • Spasms in the coronary vessels

  • Normal heart rhythm can be restored by a massive electric shock to the chest

Connections (Tommy Lasorda)

  • Tommy Lasorda was a baseball player and coach

  • Had a heart attack but is still alive (Current age: 88)

  • He was the coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Was most populer in 1977 to 1996

  • Inducted into baseball Hall of Fame in 1997

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