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iTeach Updates, Introduction

Welcome to iTeach

iTeach@k12 is an initiative that elevates our commitment to develop a culture of excellence around our teachers and intends to enhance our k12 teachers’ experience and practice. Our ultimate vision is to become a world-class employer of teachers; essentially the place where the best teachers want to work, where they chose to stay and where they are national contributors in online education.

About The Tablet

The Tablet

This communication is intended to update teachers on iTeach initiatives and provide regular communication that supports and encourages your work.

Starting with the next issue, you will find these sections:

  • What's on the Whiteboard?- Updates and new information each month on iTeach initiatives and programs.
  • Raise Your Hand - Opportunities for teachers to share with one another great news, shout outs or appreciations. Have a suggestion or an idea? Add that here, too.
  • Application Sharing - Tips and tricks from Instructional Coaches on great teaching in our schools.
  • LOL - Let's laugh a little; sharings that add a little humor and levity to your important work.
  • The Recording - Missed an issue? Here's where you will find past issues.

I want to make this publication something you look forward to receiving and enjoy reading. Have an idea? Please share it at

Overview of iTeach

iTeach focuses on all aspects of the Teacher Life Cycle

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iTeach@k12 seeks to improve the teacher experience and enhance practice by targeting improvements and implementation around the five areas of the teacher life cycle. Starting with how we recruit and hire the best teachers. Next, we are actively working to understand what retains our best teachers in our schools. Working hand and hand efforts are being made to coach, develop and evaluate teachers. Finally, we hope to leverage or mobilize our teachers and provide meaningful opportunities to participate at k12 as well as lend their voice to impact positive changes within our company.

iTeach Priorities

for 2015-2016


•Secure early hire of teachers.


•Develop and roll out a defined teacher career ladder.

•Create a K12 compensation philosophy and multi-year plan that can be recommended to schools/school boards.


•Induct teachers to succeed from their first day.

•Deploy non-evaluative Instructional Coaches to strengthen and support effective teaching.


•Develop opportunities for teachers to participate and have a voice in corporate and external-based programs and decisions.

Leslye Moraski Erickson Director, School Services

I have worked for over a decade as a Head of School and have had the privilege of hiring and working with over a hundred virtual school teachers over the years. I know how hard each of you work and the value you bring to our students and families.

In my new role, I'm working to champion the needs of teachers to improve your experience and increase your effectiveness in our schools. Help me help you!