The Elevator~ William Sleator

By:Amanda Newman

plot triangle

exposition: Martin moves into his new apartment with his dad. But the only problem is that martin has a fear of elevators and he lives on the 17th floor and there was only two ways up stair or elevator and lets just say martin wasn't really into athletic things.

rising action:

1. Martin meets a fat lady in the elevator and has a creepy feeling about her

2. Martin tell his others but nobody believes him and he doesn't wan to look weak

3. Martin runs up the stairs in desperation and brakes his leg, letting down his dad

Climax: Martin meets the scary fat red headed lady that gives him the creeps for the last time when she meets Martin in the elevator for the last time and greets him with a spine-chilling tone saying "hello Martin" and presses the emergence stop button.


Martin a teenage boy moves into a new apartment with his dad. Martin has a phobia of elevators but he lives on the 17th floor so he is forced to take the elevator. He meets and old fat lady in the elevator and weird fantasy are becoming reality's.

challenge connection

It comes with a challenge because Martin is scared of elevators and at first he chickens out then he starts to conquer his fear until the unthinkable happens!


the conflict is never resolved because the story ended in the climax which was when the fat old lady says hello Martian and stops he elevator.



this character is Martin and he influenced the ending of this story because he kept coming back to the elevator when he knew the lady was up to no good.

antagonist: This character is the old lady and she helps influenced to the ending of this story because I believe she purposely attended the elevator at times when she knew Martin would be there as well.


I think the theme is "trust you gut feeling" because Martin thought the old lady was fishy but he jus blocked it off to try to please his dad and it might have just taken his life.

other connections

while I was at my grandmas lake house my grandma and I were jet skiing. I have always been scared to drive these kinds of things especially if there not mine personally mostly of the fear of crashing it. So my grandma offered to le me drive and I didn't want to say no cause it sounds like a blast so we switched seats and I took off. Finally I have conquered my fear. But just then I made a sharp right to avoid the buoy, and the jet ski flipped. this relates to the story because Martin tried to conquer his fear and a bad outcome can into play like I crashed and he well that's just it the reader doesn't know whatever happen to Martin.