All new T- Series Shower Stalls

Price $1299.99

The materials we use are better than the rest.

We make one of the best shower stalls in this country and the reason why we got that title is because of the materials we use. Here is why our materials are better :

  • Polished designed stone tiles that are durable to any kind of water pressure.
  • Well built fiber glasses that won't shatter even if you slam the door hard.
  • Delta T shower head that we install can be very beneficial. Using our latest technology we developed this shower head that flows 2.5 gallons of water per minute but makes you feel like it is flowing 4 gallons of water per minute.

One of our most selling tile design is called "the black storm", the one that is shown above.

For sale now for only $999.99 !

Major Benefit of buying our shower stall

The Delta T-Series shower head flows water 2.5 gallons/in but makes you feel like water is flowing at 4 gallons/min. With this you can satisfy yourself and save you Hydro bill. Less expenses and high satisfaction. Another reason why we can be beneficial is because we got the tile designs like no one else in this country. We provide designs that can suit children, teens, youths or elderly people.