Photojournalism Portfolio

Breanna N. 2A

Written Reflection:

In Photojournalism this semester, I've learned a lot about why people take pictures, the deeper meaning to a photo. How people risk everything to get that "perfect" shot. How us people can see the whole story in just one single picture. One very important thing I did learn was how to actually use a camera correctly. How to get the right picture for a certain setting. How to adjust lighting and what special things you can use to zoom in closer than usual. How to also use Photoshop, and the "ways" to take different kinds of pictures. (Bird's eye view, worms eye, framing, rule of thirds, etc.) I'm very happy with what I have accomplished this semester.

Camera Operations:

When using a camera, and you need to turn in on/off, there is a slide button on the top and when you want to turn it on, slide it, to turn off , slide it again. Using macro or super macro, the will be a little button that looks kind of like a flower, click it once for macro and twice for super macro. To replace batteries, on the bottoms there is a slide plate. Slide it and drag it away and it should "pop" open. Make sure you place the batteries according to the symbols. Using the same slide plate, you can pop the SD card in and out but you have to replace it the same way every time. For zooming in and out, there is a little "slide" button, and to zoom, slid it one way, and for out the other way.


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Elements of Composition: