The Egg Drop!

By Megan Van Asten

Our Contraption

This project we are doing this project for science to see if we can safely get an egg to the ground from 45-50 ft high. Katelyn and I started off planning what would be good name for our contraption and we thought of ''The Scrambler" because we our mind were scrambled with ideas. The scrambler will be safe for little Noggie.


We have a number of supplies that we get to use. We deiced that if we filled two dixie cups up with packing peanuts and cotton balls it would be cushioned in side. Next we thought that if we put a parachute on the contraption it would be safer. So we took a plastic bag and attached string to the cups and the bag. We tested it and it worked but it was to fast so we thought of putting paper on the plastic bag so it would be a little bit slower. When we tested that it worked and it slowed down.

The Day of the Drop!

When I got to school I was nervous because we didn't want Noggie to get hurt! When it was time to drop Noggie off the fire truck. It was really high up i was worried that i wouldn't make it. When Noggie was dropped and on the ground we ran over to get him. We opened it as fast as we could and Noggie survied!