Technology and School

Students vs. Teachers

Differences in students and teachers using technology in classrooms.

One of the big differences between teachers and students and the ability to use technology in the classroom, is that todays students have been using technology their whole life. They probably do not even remember the first time they picked up a smartphone, or played on the computer. Unlike teachers from an older generation, who were raised outside interacting with their friends, while the technology era was being created around them. For the most part students can teach the teachers how to use their computer, smart board and the iPads in the classroom. Teachers from the older era are trying to keep up with the new generation, but are lacking that young brains ability to soak everything in that interest them.

Staff Development on Technology

Educators should keep up to date on their technology skills so that they can keep up with their students ability to use technology. If possible, teachers should take classes that are offered by the district on the technology that the district is offering in each school. While taking these classes helps the teacher, it also impresses the students on the knowledge that the teacher has gained.


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