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Tribute to Malcolm X

Monday, May 15th, 6-8:30pm

146 Saint Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY, United States -Lucretia Lamb Senior Center

Harlem Liberation School presents "A Tribute to Malcolm X," in which our objectives are to commemorate, honor and keep alive the ideas of one of our greatest Black Liberation theorists, spokespersons and leaders of the 20th Century. This evening will feature reflections from elders, community discussion, and even a presentation from Brother Malcolm himself! Register here for your free ticket!

PLEASE NOTE: This event will not be held at our usual location, but at Lucretia Lamb Senior Center. Please note the address above. REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE TICKET HERE.

What is Harlem Liberation School?

We are a Black community learning center providing free political education, presentations, grassroots organizing/activism workshops, and creating a space for open and informed political discussion in our neighborhoods.

(Read an interesting essay concerning Liberation Schools).

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We Need Your Talent & Expertise!

The Harlem Liberation School is a community resource and community effort. We want to work with other Black organizations and community residents. We have a special need for veteran activists/organizers, Black Studies professors, educators and Black historians to do workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. If you are interested in working with us on a volunteer basis, please contact Agyei Tyehimba at 347-806-9384.

Vending Opportunities

We have limited space for 8 black vendors selling Books of Black History politics, and poetry, African jewelry, original poetry/music, or art on a first come, first served basis at every meeting. Each vendor will share a table with another vendor. Vending fee is $10 which vendors must pay at every meeting. If interested, please email truself143@gmail.com with the date you'd like to vend. You will receive an email notifying you if there is space available for you to sell