"Teaching Black Folk to Wake up, Clean up, and Stand up!

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Agyei Tyehimba Speaks! "Black History: Trivia, Dead Men, or Black Liberation?"

Monday, Feb. 27th, 6-8pm

2031 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard

New York, NY

In honor of Black History Month, Harlem Liberation School features its Founder and Director Agyei Tyehimba (pictured above) speaking on the topic: "Black History Month: Trivia, Dead Men, or Black Liberation?"

Afterwards, Agyei will sell and sign his fourth book, "My Two Cents: Unsolicited Writings on Race, Politics & Culture." This event begins at 6pm and concludes at 8pm.

People interested in attending must REGISTER FOR A FREE TICKET HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-history-trivia-dead-men-or-black-liberation-tickets-31960390388

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What is Harlem Liberation School?

The United States' public and private school systems do not adequately prepare Black people to be leaders and problem-solvers for ourselves. If we want to learn the information and skills we need to be empowered, WE must provide it.

Harlem Liberation School was founded and is directed by Agyei Tyehimba. We are a Black community learning center providing political education, developing grassroots organizing/activism, and creating a space for informed political discussion in our neighborhoods.

We do not believe Black people should wait for one great Black leader to lead us. Our history shows us that ordinary Black people led liberation movements, not just those with college degrees, money, or fame. We believe that once our people understand how they are mistreated, and have the tools/information to address issues important to them, real change and empowerment will occur (Read an interesting essay concerning Liberation Schools).


What is the cost?

None. There is no cost for admission. We do encourage you to make your own contribution to Imagenation in appreciation to them for letting us use their space, and to support the excellent work they do for our community.

Who can attend the Harlem Liberation School?

We serve Black people ages 14 and above who want to learn about and discuss Black history, white supremacy, and how to create positive change in the Black community.

What will we do or learn at HLS?

We will teach/learn Black Consciousness, African & African American History, Harlem History, information about the City political structure, community organizing, editorial writing, public speaking, holding press conferences, white supremacy/racism, sexism, etc. We will learn these things using a variety of techniques including: debates, guest speakers, skits, workshops, reviewing books, articles, songs, poetry and films, and interactive group activities.

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We Need Your Talent & Expertise!

The Harlem Liberation School is a community resource and community effort. We want to work with other Black organizations and community residents. We have a special need for veteran activists/organizers, Black Studies professors, educators and Black historians to do workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. If you are interested in working with us on a volunteer basis, please contact Agyei Tyehimba at 347-806-9384.
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Vending Opportunities

We have limited space for 8 black vendors selling Books of Black History politics, and poetry, African jewelry, original poetry/music, or art on a first come, first served basis at every meeting. Each vendor will share a table with another vendor. Vending fee is $10 which vendors must pay at every meeting. If interested, please email truself143@gmail.com with the date you'd like to vend. You will receive an email notifying you if there is space available for you to sell