The Reformation

Jazmin Gonzalez

The Change

Martin Luther tried to change the Catholic Church. He noticed how much more corrupt the church was becoming. He wrote the 95 theses attacking the church and put them on the door of the Castle Church. They were copied and became known all over Germany. This became known as the Reformation-- a movement for religious reform.

Change Impacting Society at This Time

As time passed on, people weren't that much aware of how the pope and church were taking advantage. Priests were giving pardons for sins, or indulgences. Priests also broke vows by marrying, drinking, and gambling. Also the church money was being spent on personal pleasure.

Though after Martin Luthers 95 these were posted, a change was in developement.

People associated with the change

The Change Seen in Todays Modern Society

The Counter Reformation's purpose was to reform the Catholic Church. The Counsil of Trent ceated doctrines which were to reform how the church worked for less corruptcy issues. In today's time, more Americans are Protestant had it not been for this Reformation. Protestants are Christians who belong to non-catholic churches. All Lutherans are protestants but all protestants are not Lutherans
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