The North East United States

Culture and people of the region

The Northeast region of the United States is a highly populated area along the East Coast, home to urbanized cities, quiet rural areas, idyllic beach communities and suburban neighborhoods. While early U.S. history has a strong presence in the Northeast, the many cultural and ethnic groups that continually migrate to this area of the country also have a strong influence on the region. The people of the Northeast region lacks a unified cultural identity, it is the most diverse region of the US. Quite a few well known people are from the Northeast, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Theodore Roosevelt three big people in american history all from this region.

History and places to visit

The Northeast has the most influence on American history. It was where most of the Revolutionary war took place, it also was one of the first places to be colonized by Britain in turn some of the most densely populated and advanced cities and areas are in the Northeast. From the 17th century to the late 18th century the region was the nations leader in politics, education, culture, intellectual thought, as well as it was the countries economic center. The Northeast has in history been one of the even if the most vital region of the US.

Location and Economics

The Northeastern region of the united states is on the Northern Atlantic coastline. It is comprised of the states Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Conneticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, Marryland, and Delaware. The total area within the region is 181,324 sq miles. To the North of the region it borders Canada, to the East is the Atlantic ocean. West is the mid-western US. then south is the Southern United States. The economy is mostly comprised of trade and industry. The region is very urban, hilly, and has rocky soil in turn making it bad for agriculture. Relative to the geographic location of the region it is most suited for industry and trade it has easy access to the Atlantic ocean as well as having a very large work force for the industry and trading they have some of the most advanced technologies alowing industry to flourish.

New York

The state of New York is one of the most densely populated having a population of roughly 19,795,791 people. It contains that population in only 54,554 sq miles of land some of it being water, the largest city in New York is New York city which has a population of 8,336,697 people and is one of the most major cities internationaly as well as domesticaly. It is home to the United nations headquarters as well as it has a major impact on the global economy. You may see New York on a map reffered to on a map as, NY which is the states abbreviated name. The residents of New York are reffered to as New Yorkers. The nickname of the state is, the Empirestate due to its global signifigance. The song of the state is, "I love New York", by Steve Karmen, "Excelsior", is the motto of the state basically meaning ever upwards. the state bird, tree, and flower are. The Eastern Bluebird, the Sugar maple, and the rose.


Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state in all of the US with an area of 10,565 sq miles. However even though it is that small it is very densely populated, the small state of Massachusetts popluation is 6,794,422. 655,884 of those people live in the capital city, Boston as well it is the largest city in Massachusetts. Often reffered to as the Bay state or by its abbreviation MA. The official name of a resident the state is a Bay stater, however the traditional name is a Massachusettsian. The state song is," All Hail to Massachusetts", made by Aurthur J Marsh. "By the sword we seek peace, but only peace under liberty," is the state motto. The may flower is the state flower, along with the American Elm which is the state tree, and the state bird the black caped chickadee.