Mocking Jay

by: Suzanne Collins


the setting for mocking jay is in two main places. the first main place is district 13, the secret district that holds the rebels. the rebels are people that are against the capitols ways. the second main place is the capitol. the capitol is where most of the fighting happens.
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main character

the main character is the mocking jay herself, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is the winner of the 74th hunger games and a survivor of the 75th. she is the face of the rebellion against the capitol. the book is written from her perspective. Her name comes from an edible plant called Sagittaria, from Sagittarius the Archer, whose name means that they throw arrows in Latin.
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the main conflict is that every year the capitol gets 24 kids in a 12-18 year old range and makes them fight till only one of them is alive. only the kids in the districts have to fight so this makes most of all the districts angry. the rebels that lived in district 13 had a plan to over throw the capitol to stop these horrific games.
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rising action A

the first rising action is when katniss's lover peeta melark is rescued from the capitol. while peeta was in the capitol he was hijacked into thinking that katniss tried to kill him, and now he hates her. he is very confused and doesn't know what to believe. when he got to district 13 and saw katniss he went crazy and tried to kill katniss.
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rising action B

the second rising action is that katniss's little sister, primrose everdeen, dies. the president of 13, coin, sends bombs to the capitol to kill capitol citizens and the first bomb hits. primrose goes to help the injured people and the second bomb his right where she was standing and katniss blames coin for killing her sister.
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the ending of mocking jay is the rebels defeat the capitol and peeta eventually goes back to normal and has feelings for katniss and they get married and have two kids. one boy and one girl
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