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March 20, 2020

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Lincoln Pride!

Thank you all so much for your work to ensure that grades are done, families are contacted, and children know that their teacher loves them and cares about them. I appreciate all of you braving the wilds of online meetings to test that approach yesterday. Please note that for those of you that have animals, Luna Gragg very much likes to see them on the computer and if it is a dog she is especially happy. You may want to schedule a meeting with Shawna online to entertain baby Luna.

We are getting information by the hour on what we need to do, what procedures we are using and, what parent communication is coming out next. To say our heads are spinning here in the office is an understatement. You all are weathering the storm with flexibility and grace. We all are uneasy when things we know to be true one minute are totally different the next. We are all exhausted trying to keep up, but I wouldn't want to weather this storm with a better bunch of exhausted people than you all.

Kudos to our Lincoln families! At the end of pick up today all but 65 of our packets were picked up. That is a little over 85% of our families came by in the last two days to get a packet for their children. The remainder of packets will be delivered when we get back from break on the bus that is delivering food.

As of this afternoon our building is closed to all visitors. KCS employees are not visitors, but delivery folks, the mail man, and parent visitors are, and are not permitted in the building. This might change. The buildings may be closed to all of us for a while. I will keep you posted. Make safe choices, don't hang out with others, and please wash your hands. You all are so important to me and our kids. Be well. Enjoy Spring Break--as opposed to this other break, and I'll see you over the computer in two weeks!

Tennessee Educator Survey - currently 35% response from Lincoln

Lincoln is a GREAT school. We have a lot of GREAT things happening here that we want others to know about. Please take time to complete this survey. It was one of the priority things to have been done during one of the work days this week. I know we can have more than 35% participation. It is long, but our parents and future parents are looking at this information. I would love all your voices heard and included in this survey. After break please set some time aside and complete the survey. Thanks in advance!

From the TDOE Commissioner Update

Commissioner shared a number of coronavirus guidance documents, which are now also available on our website:

We hope these documents will help support you as you work to make the best possible local decisions for your schools, students, and communities.

Thank You!

Big shout outs to Misty Ezell, Kristen Way, Melissa Rivers, Autumn Stacy, Trevor Brooks, Penny Honeaker and student teacher Emily Clinker for their help this week delivering food. The need for food support in our community is huge. Our kids will desperately miss us this week. As I get more information this week about what the week after spring break looks like I will keep you all informed about food distribution after break.

Our kids miss us and are happy to see our faces when food is being delivered. If you are interested in helping let me know. It is not mandatory and should only be for those who are comfortable being out and about during these times. Our community will be hungry. This service is a way to help.

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