Health Exams

By: Melissa Morris

#1: What diseases do tests screen for?

  • A mammogram detects breast cancer, cysts, calcifications, or tumors in the breast.
  • Pap smears detect cells that could transform into cervical cancer.
  • Testicular exams can detect hernias or testicular cancer.
  • Prostate exams detect prostate cancer.

#2: Who should be getting these exams? & #3: Beginning at what age should someone begin each of these exams?

  • Women should get mammograms yearly starting at the age of 40 and should get them yearly if they have history of breast cancer.
  • Women should get pap smears to detect early for cervical cancer.
  • Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men under 35.
  • Men with history of prostate cancer should start getting checked at age 50.

#4: How often should someone get each of these exams?

  • A woman should start getting a mammogram yearly at age 40.
  • Younger women should get pap smears every 3 years and older women should get them ever 5 years.
  • Men should self-check themselves for testicular cancer monthly.
  • Men should get a prostate exam every 4 years.