Do different music types influence

teenager's actions?


If different music types affects teenagers choices and actions, then everyone in one music types choices should be the same for everyone who listens to that specific type of music because they are all listening to the same genre of music. Their choices would be different for every music type.


Thirty randomly selected teenagers will participate in this experiment.

-Five will listen to rap music

-Five will listen to classical music

-Five will listen to country music

-Five will listen to alternative music

-Five will listen to a mixture of music

-Five will listen to no music at all


-Selection of specific music types

-Ear buds

-Pen and paper


The 25 teenagers listening to different and mixed music types are the control


The five teenagers listening to no music are the constants


-The twenty-five teenagers listening to different music taste are the independent variables.

-Those twenty-five teenagers actions are the dependent variables.

Data Analysis:

I've submitted the Excel file too since I can't get the table on here.


Music is an everyday aspect of some teenagers life and each teenager has a different music taste. But does is every music taste a good choice to listen to? Based on the research and experimenting, the teenagers who listened to alternative music, country music, and no music made better choices than other. The only group that didn't make very many good choices would be the group listening to a mixture of music. They made the most bad choices and least good choices. Based on this experiment, people who listen to a mixture of music types make bad choices(data will very from different teenager).