By:Quantaivs Robinson

Voting Registration

You must register 25 days before election. You must be 18 years old to even vote. You must be a U.S citizen. Live in the place your voting from. You can vote at a polling place.

Steps in Voting

  1. Be 18 years old
  2. U.S. citizen
  3. Register 25 days before election
  4. Vote at a polling place

Voting Behavior

Only U.S. citizen over the age 18 can vote. Because younger people do not know the importance in voting and be lead on by older people.

Straight & Split Ticket Voting

Straight is when votes picks one political party.

Split is when they vote more than one political party.

Ballot Fatigue

Ballot Fatigue is the list of candidates on which you cast your vote

Helpful Amendments

  • Amendment 12
  • Amendment 15
  • Amendment 19
  • Amendment 24
  • Amendment 26


  • Elections 1804
  • Right to vote 1870
  • Women Suffrage 1920
  • Abolition of Poll Tax 1964
  • Voting Age 1971