New Year, New Start, New You

5 Days of "Stella & Dot Joy" Team Challenge

Day Four

So what do you think so far? Has this challenge helped you take a moment this week to start refocusing your energy, to find your SDJOY and to get going on your best year yet?? Jessica Herrin often refers back to the Stella & Dot Mission statement to remind us that YOUR success is defined by YOUR happiness. As you can see from our Day One challenge, everyone on this team has a different WHY. When you reach or exceed your why, THAT is success. Your success is not based on what others around you are doing, but whether you've given 100% to YOUR goals. Don't be afraid to set big, scary goals- but make sure they are your own big, scary goals- not someone else's. Use other stylist success stories as inspiration and to know that crazy big things ARE POSSIBLE-- rather than bringing you down or making you feel inadequate. And if you see someone having success the way you want it- reach out and ask them what they are doing!! This is YOUR business- make it what you want it to be, and make it FUN!

Since you have now defined your WHY, and/or set up some goals, it's time to get started on turning it into reality!


The first step in reaching your WHY is BOOKING TRUNK SHOWS. Holding trunk shows is such a simple way of sharing SDJOY- giving away hundreds of free accessories while meeting new women? And earning an income? So fun! Today's challenge is simple and will help you set up your quarter for booking effectively. It will require you to spend up to 20 minutes on yourself and your business today, but it will be worth it!!

Challenge: Set the clock for 15-20 minutes and build a new WHO DO YOU KNOW list of prospectives. Email, take a pic of it, etc. the list and send it to me (and if you have another upline leader, copy her on it as well) at with the subject DAY FOUR CHALLENGE. Then post on the FB thread DONE so I won't miss any entries. Shoot to have at least 20 names on your list- the more shows you want to do a month, the more names you can aim to add! If you've already got a working list, this will be easy! I would still encourage you to take a few moments to add more names, just to challenge and stretch yourself.

Are you a new stylist wondering what the heck a Who Do You Know (WDYK) list is?? It's a simple way of pulling together any and all names of people you want to connect with about being a hostess and/or stylist. What works for me is to take some time with no distractions and really just free flow brainstorm names- I look at my Christmas card list, go through my FB contacts, look through my instagram followers, flip though the school directories of my kids, my neighborhood directory, my church directory, I think about the people I come across on a daily/weekly basis, etc. When I write names down, I don't pre-judge if they will want to have a show- I just write down the names of people who are stylish, friendly, love to get together with friends, etc. I also go back through all my customers from the past 3-6 months and look at my notes to see if there's anyone I might have missed, or not followed up with-- just ANY prospect I can think of. Use the acronym, FRANK as a starting point if you feel stuck- (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids Contacts) Also, check the FILES section of our team page for a great document on types of people to brainstorm. This list becomes my working booking list for the next month. I start reaching out and keeping notes on who I connect with, what they say and when I will follow up. Without your WDYK list, you have to plan. This list is imperative whether you want to have 1 show a month or 8.

Here's a FANTASTIC recorded training call on building a WDYK list if you'd like more inspiration on this topic: (log into your lounge for the link to work)

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LacocoDots Team

Katy Barnes, Director and Stylist