Chapter 5 key vocabulary


A system of communications through speech, a collection of sounds that a group of people understands to have the same meaning

Ex. English

Literary traditions

A system of written communications

Ex.all English speakers use the alphabet

Offical Language

Language used by government for laws, reports, and public objectives.

Ex. France has an official language of French

Standard Language

Which is a dialect that is well established and widely recognized as the most acceptable for government, business, education, and mass communication.

Ex. The standard form of British Speech in England is BRP (British Recieved Pronunciation) that formed with upper-class Britons living in the London area.

Language Family

A collection of languages related through a common ancestral language that existed long before recorded history.

Ex. Indo-European

Language Branch

This is within a language family and are a collection of languages related through a common ancestral language that existed within recorded history.

Ex. The branches within the Indo-European language family are, Indo-Iranian, Romance, Germanic, Balto-Salvic, Albanian, Armenian, Greek and Celtic

language Group

Collection of languages within a branch that share a common origin in the reletivly recent past and display relatively few differences in grammar and vocabulary.

Ex. English and German are in the west-Germanic group and hold similar grammar sturctures and vocabulary.

Creole or Creolized language

Is defined as a language that results from a mixing of the colonizers language with the indigenous language of the people being dominated

Ex.sango is an African language that was influenced by Ngbandi


Characters used in the Chinese language and other languages too

Ex. Chinese characters

Extinct languages

Once in use in recent or ancient past

Ex. Manx

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