Roses Scuba Academy

Monday through Saturday 5 to 8

Scuba is not just something easy!

Scuba is a hard thing to learn. There are many risk in learning to scuba dive and while diving. Once learn you will have the best time of your life with all the under water creatures.

One of three dangers of scuba diving.

One danger you get while diving is called "Bends". This happens when you descend to fast in the water. Bends affects your nervous and musculature system. Some side affects are itching, the chokes, neurological decompression sickness. The treatment for the sickness is high flow oxygen and IV fluids, hyperbolic chamber, and hospitalization. Bends can be life threatening.

The second danger about scuba diving.

The second danger to scuba diving is "Air embolisms". This happens when you swim back to the surface to fast not allowing your body to release excess nitrogen. Some side affects are patient scenes and describes, and dilated pupils. Treatment for this sickness is surgery. Air embolisms can be life threatening.

The third danger about scuba diving.

The third danger to scuba diving is "Oxygen toxicity". This happens when to much oxygen comes through the scuba tank. The affects of this are to pulmonary pain to the center of the chest to the trachea, bronchi. The affects to CNS are changes in vision and hearing,anxiety, irritability, mental confusion, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness and convulsions. Pulmonary can be life threatening but CNS is very life threatening.

Scuba diving.

Scuba diving is something everyone should do. It is a lot of work but pays off in the end. you get to experience so much stuff you never knew. you get to see wild sea creatures in their natural habitats wild and untouched.