Legend of Perseus

Game based off of Legend of Zelda

Why in the style of Legend of Zelda ?

There is a similarity between the two stories, because both Link and Perseus are trying to save a woman from an evil king. I think that it will be easy to take the parts of the story and transform them into different levels for the game, the end being that Perseus defeats Medusa and saves his mother.
The beginning of the game would include a tutorial explaining Perseus's back story leading up to him being at the island and meeting Polydectes. Then you would be sent off on your first 'quest', which would be that you need to get your flying shoes, sword, & shield from Hermes and Athena. After that, you can move onto the next quiz.
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The second quest will involve Perseus having to find the gorgons, in order to find out where Medusa is. You will use the sword, shield, and winged shoes in this part of the game. Also you will have to pass a few small obstacles, such as a few monsters to fight.
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The last quest will involve Perseus finding Medusa and managing to slay here. Then he will bag her head, return to the island, and rescue his mother from the King. The game will end there, after you use Medusa's head to turn the King to stone.
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