Elementary Curriculum Update

August 15, 2013

Upcoming Dates to Note:

August 14-20: window for K-5 math pre-tests; window for 4-5 ELA pre-test

August 20: Grade 3 IBD Analysis, CA & MA

August 28: Grade 4 IBD Analysis, CA & MA

August 30: District PD Day

September 3&4: Math Pilot follow-up meetings

September 5: Grade 5 IBD Analysis, CA & MA

September 20: District PD Day

September 25-October 2: window for K-5 math quarterly; window for 4-5 CA quarterly

October 11: Math Pilot Training for 2nd program

FREE online class to motivate students to enjoy and learn math

This free course offered by Jo Boaler, How Children Learn Math, supports much of PD we have done in the past and that we will be continuing to do as we transition to CCSS-math. It actually began in mid-July but it goes through the end of September. You work at your own pace so you could begin at any time. It is appropriate for teachers, administrators, and parents. Click here to register:


Great Teaching Videos

Using Teach-able Moments
In this video, a middle school science teacher discusses how she uses an unexpected question to take advantage of a teaching moment, even when she herself is unsure of the answer (3 min).

Beyond Fingers: Understanding 11-19
In this video, a kindergarten teacher demonstrates how she uses discussion, manipulatives, and journals to help her young students move past counting on their fingers to an understanding of place value (8 min).

Reasoning About Multiplication and Division
In this video, a third grade teacher demonstrates how he uses discussion and partner talk, properties of multiplication, and patterns to help his mathematicians develop a deeper understanding of multiplication and division and their relationships.

Third Grade Units of Study Research Reminder

The sites for students to use as they do research can easily be accessed by students through Delicious here: www.delicious.com/fhsd03

Please use:

Username: fhsd03

Password: student03