Going Paperless.....

Getting started is as easy as 1..2..3............and maybe 4



a quick way to send messages to students with ONE-WAY communication!!!!!

Steps to join: enter email, enter password.....click SIGNUP

Add a class.....write down their class @" ".

Next day....have students text "@ " to the number provided by Remind101.

You can now communicate ONE-WAY with students to remind them of tests, projects, etc!

Use GOQR.me to create QR code for your favorite student websites....


Try this! This QR code should take you to the website!

Once there....just cut-and-paste your favorite URL and copy or save the QR code generated by the system! Tape them on your students' desks, put them up around the room, place them on your door......

Let's take it one step at a time...........

My Room Number is D120. My Twitter is @PhysicsFarmer. My email is terrie.rambo@tylerisd.org. You can do this! I can help!