2012 Professional Learning Plan

Amy Hodgson

Smart Goal:

To increase student motivation and engagement by programming differentiated learning experiences based on relevant assessment data.


When i was asked to take the enrichment class for 2012 i was excited about all the different projects i could do and new ideas i could try out. When working with the class however i found them to be incredibly unmotivated and disconnected from their learning. For a class of clever; kids they had no interest in doing anything new or different and in fact seemed to believe that they didn;t really need to do anything at all as they were all so 'smart'. For my PLP therefore i wanted to do something that would increase the student's motivation and engagement and at the same time find a way to accurately assess exactly where they were at in terms of their learning. The Assessment for learning course offered ideas and a way to work towards achieving my PLP goal.

What did i do?

  • Surveyed students in the class about current practices. This showed that they think of assessment as a 'one off' or tests which they dislike doing.
  • Attended the three day Assessment for Learning Course with Sam.
  • Started to implement some of the Formative Assessment ideas in my classroom
  • Shared what we had learnt with Amanda, Elletra, Tracey and Kati.
  • Presented some simple ideas for change to Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 planning meeting
  • Prepared a 'showcase' of what we had done for the Assessment for Learning Course.

How has my teaching been influenced / changed?

  • Students seem to be much more motivated and engaged in learning activities when they are given clear goals and steps to achieve them.
  • Assessment is becoming more and more an everyday occurrence rather than being based on tests, or assessment tasks at the end of a unit of work.
  • Classroom has changed as students are becoming more aware of what they need to do rather than what I need to do for them
  • Assessment data that I have gathered (whether it be on post-its, work samples, observations) are more meaningful and helpful as I have more of a clear idea of what i'm looking for.
  • Student input into assessment and to where they think they are with their learning is more meaningful and guides more of my teaching goals and future planning and programming.