Showcasing the Pride of Methacton

May 2019

Feature of the Month: Music Program

As part of our monthly “Showcasing the Pride of Methacton” newsletter, the Methacton School District is pleased to feature Music in this May edition.

The Methacton School District is so incredibly proud of our Music Program. Having been designated one of the NAMM Foundation Best Communities for Music Education for the last 3 years in a row, we pride ourselves on our approach of engaging students at all ages; not only to gain an appreciation and understanding for music, but to fall in love with the program for a life-long experience.

Beginning at the Elementary level, our primary focus for instruction is singing, playing, and movement. In an effort to develop music literacy, many students take up instruments and learn how to read music. Students choose to participate in Chorus, Band, and Orchestra. There are various concert performance opportunities throughout the school year, along with small group lessons. A large percentage of the student body regularly participates in one or more of these co-curricular activities.

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Each year, our student performers take part in various competitions on the local, state, and national level. The competitions include:

Students continue to develop their musical talents at Skyview Upper Elementary School. Instruction begins with a focus on acoustics, the science of sound, coupled with geography and discovery of music from around the world. Students also closely examine American music genres and continue advancing their skills within their selected Chorus, Band, and Orchestra activities.

In 7th grade at Arcola Intermediate School, students are introduced to music technologies using hardware and software to program, create, and learn while producing their own music. In 8th Grade, students incorporate music with video and MIDI instrumentation, and music theory. Classes also develop our students’ classical music history understanding, along with beginner and advanced Guitar. Chorus, Band, and Orchestra are also offered on this grade level to improve upon the musical development of our students.

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The high school has a plethora of options for the future college music major, professional instrumentalist, and those who simply love music and music creation. This highly-renowned and award-winning music program provides an array of offerings including Concert Band, String Ensemble, Chorale, Choir, AP Music Theory, and digital audio engineering. Our students have opportunities to perform for local, state, and national audiences.

Methacton School District’s Music Program is outstanding! We hope it will inspire you to raise your voice, grab your instrument, and lend us your ear!

MHS Music Courses

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