Summer Reading

By Walter Richards

Long shot

Long Shot Theme

In the book long shot by Mike Lupica I believe the theme is that you can accomplish anything if you work for it. This is true because in the story Pedro is trying to become class president and going up against a really smart kid. Even though it seems almost impossible his dad and his friends always keep telling him that nothing is impossible and it really inspires him to become class president. His dad inspires him because he came over from Mexico as a little boy and always wanted to run a restaurant and finally showing him that determination and hard work can get you any goal. His friends help him by always being there for him and help him during the campaign telling him never to give up whenever it seems impossible. This is the themes of long shot by Mike Lupica.

Big image
  • One symbol shown by this picture is that nothing is impossible. This is true for the book because Pedro dad started as a little boy from Mexico and work his way up to his dream of opening his own restaurant.
  • Another symbol shown by this picture is to never get scared of your goal. This is true because Pedro is going up against the biggest and smartest kid in class and even though it seems impossible Pedro won the election.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry 2015 MVP Mix - CHARGED BY BELIEF

Stephen Curry Theme

Author purpose

The author’s purpose of the book Stephen Curry is that with hard work and determination anything is possible. In other words the Author purpose is that if you can set your mind to do something you can do anything you want. This book shows you that because Stephen Curry was not famous and had to work twice as hard as every one else to get his goals. In the end Stephen goes way further than anyone ever suspected he would go. In fact even when Stephen was drafted many people thought he would not be good but in the end he would break many records and become one of the best shooters the world has ever seen. This prove that if you can put your mind to something any thing is possible.