The Articles of Confederation

Advantages, Disadvantages, & More by Clarissa Ward


-Included a unified army with heavy control

-Legislature was set up

-Foreign affairs dealt with on state level

-Congress had power to deal with Native American affairs

-Department of Treasury established

-Postal Service established


-No Judicial or Executive branch

-National Government could not tax citizens

-Different currencies and trade between states

-All 13 states needed to amend a law

-9/13 states approval needed to pass a law

-Each state, no matter the size, had 1 vote in Congress

-Lacked solid leader without Executive (President)

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The creators of the Articles of Confederation created a government with a weak central power because they did not want a repeat of the government of England. They feared a monarchy without freedoms and certain rights. Smaller states also feared this because they believe a smaller population would make them have less power in a central government. There was also the fact that a central government would make centralized decisions best for the whole nation rather than the needs for the individual state.