The Fisher Mall

MADISON HILL, Teri Stover,Ciara Jackson, Alayna Stalter

Economic benefits

How much development we make a year will be about $480K.

Jobs we provide and how they will get payed: cashier-$8.25/hr., nail & hair stylist-$9.25/hr., cook-$10.25/hr.

We will attract people to move here for jobs for little experience that pays minimum wage or more.

We can lower the impact on city resources by having low water and energy toilets, hand dryers instead of paper towels, and having lights that halfway turn off throughout the day.

social benefits

We provide a lot of social benefits. We have entertainment which you can walk around and shop, relaxation go visit our hair& nail spa,education, you can go visit our book store, shelter, we will provide umbrellas to stand under at the food court if its raining, we'll have clothing stores and a food court.

We are Fisher Mall

We are on the corner of CR 600 east and CR 300 N