All About the Author

Steven Michael Millad

Beyond the Saint Peter's Prep Student

As a high school students the time I don't spend, either at school or doing school work and activities, is spent trying to find a "good time." From pickup games of basketball, to paintball, to 10 dollar plates of nachos at Houlihan's, my life revolves around my friends, family and the nachos I mentioned previously.

The More Serious Side

Most of the activities I revolve my life around have a lot to do with stamina. Freshman year I began both cross country and writing short stories (sometime longer than others) and although there have been times in which I have lost touch with this side of me; it is still a big part of who I am. I have found dedication, motivation, and focus is a big part of success.

Writing and cross-country both came fairly easy to me, to start, because of my ability to maintain a certain function for a long time. Whether that is running or writing, physically or mentally I have learned the skill of continuously moving forward. A skill which does more than helps me finish stories and win races, but helps me get through life.

Intersting enough, running is what led me to writing. After all the time I spent running through the woods, I began to think. And eventually my thoughts became intersting enough, in my own opinion, to write down. I contemplated what would create a perfect society, what if we all reverted to our roots, and most importantly I thought about who I should be. This led to many of my different personas and over time led to many different stories and even self evaluated lessons. To this day I credit my freshamn year summer for character building and turning me into a person I am proud to be, even if I still haven't completely figured myself out, yet.

Goals Beyond Luxury

As one would find out after reading the articles on my web page, luxury does not impress me. My goals in life do not include a mansion, multiple houses or even a single, large house. I do not envision myself speeding around in a brand new convertible, or yacht. My greatest and most ambitious life goals do not even benefit me in a monetary way, but rather those in need. Of course, this is the Internet and any one can say they love the poor and want to help. But after reading multiple articles of mine, one can find I not only have a dream, but I have steps to create a reality.