Welcome to Music Technology

Learning to Appreciate Music Through Technology

This is a class like no other in school.

This could easily be one if your favorite classes in school. Just do these things to be successful:

Be on Time to Class

Always have your Chromebook and keep it charged

Pay Attention to directions

This class is designed for the student not enrolled in choir, orchestra or band.

It is important that all students bring their chrome books to class everyday. An operational chrome book should last 7 hours on a full charge. If your child's computer is not lasting a full 7 hours, then your child needs to bring their chromebook to the Tech Center to have it checked out.


Some of the things students will do in class Is:

create a rap song

edit sound in a movie clip

create and record a radio station program

create a new sit-com with theme music

create and research a poster of a rock group or musician

In addition to learning about the history of the drum set and electric guitar. These are icons of the music world and helps define American music.

In addition to learning about:

the importance of music in culture

history of folk music

music's effect on human brain

careers in music

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https://goo.gl/cbwnMPTake a trip and visit the rest of the website for policies, procedures and best practices. The 3 P's