Bill Gates

Ethan Mohr

Do you have a Microsoft computer or an Xbox?

Without Bill Gates, these things wouldn’t have been invented. Bill Gates is the person who invented the Microsoft computer and created the Microsoft company. He inspired many inventors and has a lasting legacy. The Microsoft computer was the start of a new era in technology. It was not easy for Bill Gates In his childhood, he spent many hours in the computer lab. He even went to Harvard University for college. He is now spending time with his family. His career made him very wealthy, and he is now the second richest man in the world. In fact, he still makes money off of Microsoft. He couldn’t achieve something so amazing by himself. Discover all of his partners, the Microsoft company, and the creations of Microsoft, such as Windows and the Xbox. Also, find out about interesting facts about Bill Gates that you might not know. This book will teach you about the genius billionaire who changed technology forever.