The JBB&T Times

The Roaring Twenties


February 14, 1929

On this morning in a garage on 2122 N. Clarke St., seven men were lined up and gunned down. George “Bugs” Moran and his gangsters were Capones final step in becoming the king of mob bosses in Chicago. Six of the seven men killed were Morans gangsters and one was a Dr. However, Capone was vacationing in Florida and could not be tried for the crime, so the killings will go unanswered.

Casting out the reds

January 17, 1920

This cartoon depicts a large eagle (the US government) throwing out the “Reds” (communists) from its nest (the nation). In other words, it is a description of the national mood during the Red Scare. The eagle represents the mood of the people which was fear of the destruction of American society by the Reds.


Government and Politics

During the 1920’s government influence on business slowed down. The emphasis placed on disbanding trusts was lessened and the relationship between the government and businesses were bettered. Also the presidential election was set into a deadlock, but in the end Warren G. Harding would be elected as the presidential nominee. Harding’s presidency would be stained with multiple scandals, however some good did come from it. Harding pardoned Eugene Debs, a Socialist party and Union leader. He was also able to convince the steel industry to decrease their work day from 12 hours to 8 hours. President Harding was also able to slow the arms race by creating a treaty that read “for every five battleships that the United States and Britain were each allowed to build, the Japanese could build three ships, and the Italians and the French could each build one-and-three-quarters ships.1” At the sudden death of president Harding in 1923, the corrupt officers that he had put into place created a large scandal known as the teapot dome


During the 1920s religion met one of its largest adversaries, atheism. During this period many turned to God because of the war. This same driving force that would lead to many people turning away from God and religion all together.

Social and Human Interest

People nowadays are all about partying and blowing through their money. We’re in an age people are calling the Jazz age. Younglings are revolutionizing our older generations. Shocking everyone with their short cut bobs and short, skimpy dresses are the newest trend for women today. We’re gonna call them flappers now. They’ll go to parties without men which is outrageous to say the least. This outburst of events is probably based around women gaining their voting rights. With the recent release of the Chevrolet car company’s newest, affordable vehicles, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners people have begun to take out large loans and be relatively okay with being placed in debt. Many are involving themselves with buying company stock shares. This seems like a great idea in which you can gain a fortune because of the increasing values of shares in growing companies.

Financial and Education

Farmers in America are now suffering from poverty and starvation due to the overproduction of crops during World War 1. Farmers have been making on average $49 a month. Because of this extremely low pay farmers are being forced to live in tin shacks without running water and electricity. Another side effect of overproducing good is the dust bowl that is now sweeping across the midwest ruining crops and peoples homes making it impossible to farm.