Charmed Impressions

June 19th, 2013

A Welcome and a Month End Rally!

Hi Ladies,

First and foremost, please welcome the lovely Stephanie Fahmy to our team! We meet at a trunk show a few weeks ago, and I knew before she did that Stella & Dot was going to be a perfect fit for her! With 4 trunk shows already booked in her jumpstart, even before her samples have arrived, Stephanie is going to hit the ground running! Congratulations and I am thrilled to have you join us! :)

I don't know about you all, but June has been crazy! Between end of year school activities, two kids done with school and either needing to be entertained or driven somewhere, and of course working my business, fitting in trunk shows I am looking forward to July! But June isn't over yet! We still have 10 days left in June to stack up those jewelry rewards. I am personally going to try and sell $1000 in these last 10 days to get another $100 reward to spend on the new line next month. I am determined to keep my profits in my pockets, so whenever Jessica and the team run an incentive giving us free product, I am all in! So there are 10 days left... what can you do to push yourself a little and get that extra product credit?

Here are some thoughts...

  • Call your favorite spa for a little "Style & Spa" event.
  • Host a teacher appreciation trunk show at your local school.
  • Send the jewelry to work with a girlfriend... style her look for two days to "warm people up" and then send her to the office with a tote of jewels and order forms to capitalize on those compliments!
  • Touch base with the neighbor or friend from the gym who has been admiring your necklace and offer her a 1.5hr pop up shop for her and a few of her girlfriends. Getting the objection that they are just too busy to host an event right now? What about setting up the jewelry in your home, and offering to have her bring 4 or 5 friends to your home - she can be hostess, you just provide the venue - for an hour of styling? If she can get $200 in orders, she starts accruing hostess rewards, and if she gets $500, she will get that extra $50 in Hostess Bonus credits. You could even schedule 2 or 3 events in your home on one day with 3 different hostesses. 9:30-11, 12 - 1:30, and 7-8:30!
  • And don't rule out the on-line trunk show for friends who live out of state. Create a Facebook event, make her a host and have her invite her friends, start interacting with them and post style suggestions, and then set up a "live" chat time when people can "meet" on the page for a little style session. They can even post pictures of tops that they want accessorized, and you can help them... all while their friends are watching this exchange and wanting their looks finished too!
  • And in all of these instances... emphasize Dot Dollars! These June orders are going to pull in July sales for you with Dot Dollars... trust me!

What other fun ideas can you all think of to pull in those end of month sales? Share them with the rest of us! :)

Couple of end of month notes...

  • Be sure to check your activity reports and if you are close to $500 in sales, get there! Not only are you going to earn business supply credits so you can order those new look books next month, you may be sealing the deal on the $100 consistency bonus to spend on the new collection! Don't leave that on the table!
  • If you are close to $1000, pull out the stops, because not only are you getting everything I just mentioned by hitting $500, you will also Stack Up those Rewards with a $100 credit! And... don't forget my $1000 incentive this month...

If you hit $1000 in sales by the end of June, you are going to receive a piece from the new collection on me! Congratulations to Amy Heidke who has already hit $1000 ! Right behind her, and with two more trunk shows to go this month, is Inga Cosway in Scotland who is sure to hit that $1000 mark by the end of the month. I can't wait to see what the new line holds next month!

And finally, I am looking forward to seeing our local Charmed Impressions on Monday at 11 a.m. for lunch! Our out of state/country gals, you are all with us in spirit! Holly, Adrienne and Tye, I can't wait to see you and toast with you in Vegas next month at Hoopla! And Inga, I am excited to come and visit you soon. I love that I can write off a trip to the UK as a business expense. :)

So happy end of the school year to you all! As always, please let me know if you want to touch base for any reason. I am here to help!