Kindergarten "Hoppenings"

Ms. Williams' class March 18, 2016

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • April 1st-end of the 3rd quarter
  • April 4th-8th - Spring Break

  • April 12th - PTO Meeting 6:30

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily


The students had fun today practicing sight words and making a sight word rainbows. I am impressed with how well they are reading sight words! We had fun decorating our classroom with the rainbows! Also we had picture day. We took a class picture and had individual pictures taken.


Today we were treated to a math lesson taught by the first graders from Mrs. Ackenbom's class. They taught us about touch math. This is a program where there are dots attached to numbers. This helps the students to more easily count and attach a value to the number. These touch points also aid in addition and subtraction. We will be learning more with our math buddies later in the month! Please see the website link below to learn more about this program.


We enjoy our laptop days! The students like to practice their reading and math skills using different websites. Some of our favorites are starfall, storyline online, Raz-kids and abcya. Please see the website box below to access these sites!


We tried our best to catch the tricky leprechaun today, but he was too smart for us! The children built leprechaun traps during our maker time. They worked hard to problem solve how to lure the leprechaun to the trap and then had to figure out how to keep him in there! We had traps decorated as houses, trees and covered with gold. We also used tape, glue and tall boxes to help keep him in the trap, but he escaped. We sure did have fun trying to catch him though!

Thank you for coming to Community Night. I hope you had a fun time!


We are finishing our unit on wind and weather and starting to learn more about spring. We learned that the weather in the spring can be unpredictable...rainy, warm, sunny, cold, cool, windy, stormy. These are different weather words we have learned and described this week. Next week we will learn how animals, plants and people change during the spring time.

Websites that we use! username-crozet, password-star click sign in, click student, password-crozetk2015 reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name) stories read aloud math and word study practice