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* Seizure training for professionals *

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Would you know what to do if someone has a seizure in your presence?

Angels Of Epilepsy goes to many schools to give students and staff first-aid tips when someone has a seizure. It is extremely important that everyone knows what to do if this happens to occur in your household, school, job, or anywhere.

An important way to improve safety and quality of life for people with epilepsy is to make sure that professionals such as school nurses and other school staff, law enforcement, first responders, and childcare workers understand epilepsy and how to offer first aid.

CDC supports these training programs for professionals through a partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation....

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(Article from CDC)

* How TV portrays epilepsy - by Whitney Petit (Epilepsy survivor/blogger) *

Read more of Whitney's blogs on the Changing Focus website at and follow on social media!

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* Rapper Lil' Wayne recently suffered another seizure *

Rapper Lil' Wayne who has battled with seizures since his childhood, recently had a seizure while traveling on a private jet and had to take an emergency landing in Nebraska. He has recovered and seemed to be doing better. We are happy for his recovery and Angels Of Epilepsy do send our best wishes while he's living with this severe medical condition...

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* A wife, a mother, a survivor, & her life journey *

"Hi my name is Jewel Gibson and I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in April 2008. I have been through several tests, have seen multiple doctors and I am still waiting on a concrete diagnosis. Despite the many challenges I have faced with my seizures I have accomplished so much after learning which meds work best for my body, adapting a meal plan, and putting my faith in God.

I was married to my sweetheart in September 2014. I have been raising my handsome 10 year old son and recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Ayden in November who is now 7 months.

My pregnancy was rough. Although, I have had my seizures controlled for almost 5 years now it was difficult for me to maintain my energy and my sleeping habits. Even thought that is a usual side effect of pregnancy. It s worst when you have Epilepsy or any other seizure disorder because you need sleep to keep your energy high and to maintain your seizure threshold. Like most others, one of my triggers are lack of sleep. I spent days laying on my couch because I was exhausted and severely fatigued. The pregnancy took a lot out of my body. I was forced to stop exercising because my son was too low for me to perform the exercises properly and because I didn't have enough energy. Towards the end of the pregnancy I was unable to walk due to developing Sciatica.

The great new is I made it through the pregnancy without having to take my meds and I delivered my baby naturally."

Jewell Gibson-Davis

Founder of Live Out Loud For Epilepsy

*Angels Of Epilepsy gives much thanks to Jewell & "Live Out Loud For Epilepsy" for the support and great info she provides to the many living with epilepsy-seizures. Make sure you follow on social media!

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*How the federal government limits valid scientific research on Cannabis sativa*

Article from & @MME_ATLANTA (Twitter)
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The Magnolia Run and Walk for Epilepsy is just under 2 months away! Join team Angels Of Epilepsy at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA on Saturday August 20th. We're super excited and we're hoping to get more people to join us at this amazing event for this great cause!

The Epilepsy Foundation Of Georgia has a new option for registration this year! They will begin the 5k and the 1 mile at the same time (like last year), but in order to ensure timing is correct for those doing the 5k there are a couple new options. If you would like to participate in the 5k and be timed, then select the option that reads 5k - TIMED with a registration fee of $30. If you do not wish to be timed and would like to participate in the 5k, select 5k - No Timing ($25) and then there is the option of the 1 Mile ($25).

If you do not choose the TIMED option, you will not receive a timing chip and no times will be recorded for your 5k. Should you decide at a later date that you would like to a timing chip for the 5k, you will need to contact Kathleen at

Remember that pre-registration rates apply through August 15th. Anyone who needs to register after August 15th will have to register the morning of the race.

To register, click here:

Angels Of Epilepsy gives much thanks to EFGA for having this event for this great cause that takes place in Atlanta each year!

* I am Natalie Beavers & This Is My Life *

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Natalie, who is an epilepsy survivor, is filming a documentary about the rises and falls throughout her life. Being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 5, growing up with a parent dealing with drug abuse, battling seizures, becoming a single parent, a tragic car accident, brain surgery, dealing with circumstances, and how she is now an advocate and mentor to many around the world.

Filming this documentary is hard for her because she's having to go back to her past. They say leave the past behind but she wants to tell her story to show how people can overcome obstacles they tend to face in life. Her foundation Angels Of Epilepsy is supporting so many people worldwide battling this severe medical condition. She hopes to continue this journey and get more awareness for the millions around the world living with epilepsy. This documentary is being filmed by LEAD Media Company in Atlanta.

Make sure you follow Angels Of Epilepsy on social media to get updates on Natalie's documentary.

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* AOE's Upcoming Events & Appearances *

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* #EpilepsyLivesMatter *

Get an #EpilepsyLivesMatter t-shirt or tank for $14 + 3.99 (U.S. shipping & handling). Also, get this special offer with a shirt & bracelet for $21 and receive a free keychain. Send email to and receive an invoice via Paypal.

All purchases are donations for gifts to kids and patients battling with epilepsy and other disabilities.

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