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November 13, 2020

Dates to Remember

Wed, 11/18 - Chichester School Board Meeting, 6pm @ CCS

Mon, 11/23 - Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tues, 11/24 - Trimester 1 ends

Wed-Fri, 11/25-27 - No School - Thanksgiving

Principal's Message

Happy World Kindness Day! March 13th, our last Friday the 13th, looked a lot different than what I hope for today, Friday, November 13th. It has been an adventure, and an accomplishment, to watch our CCS community respond to such an unprecedented time. How lucky we are to work in such an amazing community such as Chichester! In celebration of World Kindness Day, I hope that you are able to take a moment to not only share kindness with others around you, but also with yourselves. We look forward to another amazing week here at CCS!

On Monday, 11/16/2020, we will be hosting morning meetings and homeroom meets for all remote and hybrid current CCS students. Mrs. Duval, Mrs. Prue, and Mr. Emerson will be online to support our full-remote students with logging into these meetings on Monday, 11/16. As the next two weeks progress, you will continue to hear updates from me about how both our hybrid and full remote programs will continue to evolve.

Please continue reaching out to us here at CCS so that we can continue to support each of our students and families in the best ways possible.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Jessica Snider, Principal

From The CCS Health Office - Travel Update

November 12, 2020

CCS Health Office Update:

Good Afternoon Chichester Central School,

As the holidays are approaching, there have been questions regarding travel guidance. DHHS along with the Governor has published their procedures regarding travel outside of New England.

Currently the NH State guidelines are as follows:

NH residents or out-of state- visitors traveling to/from areas outside of New England (Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island) need to self-quarantine for the first 14 days of any intended stay in NH after travel (starting from the last day of their travel outside of New England). This recommendation is irrespective of the mode of transportation for travel (public vs. private transportation). It is also acceptable for travelers to New Hampshire to self-quarantine in their home state prior to arrival as long as they don’t travel on public transportation.

If you visitors come from out of New England they would need to self quarantine once they arrive in NH for 14 days. However, you and your family do not. If a visitor became ill during the 14 day quarantine, then you and your family would need to stay home until your visitor tests negative for COVID. If your visitor becomes ill and tests positive for COVID, then you and your family would need to seek testing for COVID and quarantine for the 14 days after the last exposure to the ill individual. Please remember you cannot test out of quarantine.

Other states may have different restrictions and requirements for out-of-state travelers, so it is important to keep up to date on all state specific travel guidelines.

If you are planning to travel outside New England, please contact the main office or email to ensure that we help support your child remain up-to-date.

If there are any questions, please let us know.


Julie Strazzeri, RN Jessica Snider

School Nurse Principal

Last Call - School Budget Advisory Committee

Heather Chiavaras

The Chichester Central School School Board is still looking to fill

vacancies on the Voluntary School Budget Advisory Group. The objective

of the group is to review and analyze the upcoming school budget and to

present their observations, suggestions and recommendations to the

School Board. This group is made up of registered voters from the town of

Chichester. Members will attend School Board meetings from now until

March in order to hear all pertinent details as the budget develops.

To apply to serve on the Voluntary School Budget Advisory Group, please

submit in writing a letter of intent describing why you would like to serve

and any budgeting experience you have by Tuesday, November 17th.

to Heather Chiavaras at

Chichester School Board

Click here to visit the Chichester School Board web page.

CCS Celebrates!

A Socially Distanced Halloween

Honoring Our Veterans

Mrs. Bidwell

Every year Chichester is lucky enough to be able to spend time with our military friends who work out of the Strafford NH Army National Guard unit. For many years they have come to CCS to share their equipment and participate in our Veterans Day events. Last year we spent the day with them at their base. Unfortunately neither happened this year due to our Covid situation, so CCS students created cards and banners to let them know we are remembering them and appreciate all they do for us. Those items were dropped off at the base and left as a surprise for them to see the next day. Sgt. Crocker, who has been the liaison making all of our events happen, had the following to say: “I came in this morning to a very nice surprise. We are very disappointed we will not be able to be with you guys this year. Thank you so much for everything.” Thank you, CCS students, for your work to make a difference this Veterans Day.
8th Grade Wreath Sale

Please return order forms by Thursday, November 19th. Thank you for supporting our 8th graders!

Pembroke Academy Headmaster Update

Go PA & Have a Great Day - 10/29/20

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