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How to Promote an App in 2015

The Changing Trends of App Marketing

With the advent of smart phones, the manner in which we spend our time, free or otherwise, has remarkably changed. It has been found that the average person checks their phone approximately 1500 times every week. Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networking websites are adding an increasing number of people to their users list every day, all hailing from different regions and diverse age groups. While traditionalists lament over the way communication has evolved and how we have become disconnected from one another, entrepreneurs and businessmen rejoice because such websites simply represent new avenues for them to expand their businesses, usually at a very minimal cost. To promote an app in 2015 can be surprisingly simple as we will discuss in this article.

The Ways to Promote an App

Owing to the advancements in modern technology, there are now innumerable ways to launch a product in the market and promote an app effectively. Some of these are heavy on the pocket, while others are completely free of charge. The most successful technique to ensure widespread usage of an app is to utilize both the free websites as well as paid services. The first step in this endeavor is to develop a website or a blog which lists the relevant features of the app and briefly explains how to use it. This website can easily be publicized by creating a group/page on Facebook, a profile on Twitter and sharing it on Interest. Reedit is also a popular medium for marketing. Next, contact authorized personnel to review your product and use their critique to further improve and promote your app.

Once your app has gathered some decent following, it is time to take your advertising to the next level. Create a marketing video. This will require some intensive work and you will probably need to hire some individuals to make such a video. But nothing delivers a message as emphatically as a short, well executed video. Ensure that the script is appealing but also relevant to the app. Upload this video on YouTube and Video so that it can be viewed by large numbers. Always use your customer’s feedback to your advantage and make the necessary tweaks to your final product.

Why you need a Marketing Video

Do not allow budget restraints to get in your way when it comes to a marketing video. When launching an app, there are two things that you absolutely cannot afford to compromise on. The first is obviously the quality of the product itself and the second is advertising. Some experts claim that a marketing video that truly packs a punch is self-sufficient How To Promote An App. While this assertion might be a tad exaggerated, anyone who has seen a moving viral video on the internet will not deny the immediate effects that an attention-grabbing video can have. Many free tutorials are now available on the internet, outlining how one can create a good quality video with the very basic tools and limited finances. A marketing video gives a live preview of the app and its relevance should certainly not be undermined.

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Some experts claim that a marketing video that truly packs a punch is self-sufficient to promote an app.