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Adding EdTech To Your Teaching Toolbox

----- BRAIN BREAKS in 3 easy steps! ----- 1. Click below. 2. Sign up (takes 2 min.) 3. Play on your Smartboard

Click here - The US Presidency on PBS LearningMedia

If you haven't checked out PBS LearningMedia lately for teaching resources, you will be amazed at what you are missing!

Teachers can save time grading and students get instant feedback!

iPad for Assessment in PK-5! (Click on the blue links for information)

  • Kahoot! is a game-based response system played by the whole class in real time. Great for reviewing, reinforcing or checking understanding! Tutorial
  • Socrative is a cloud-based student response system that allows teachers to create simple quizzes and get immediate results. Excellent for checking understanding. Pictures can be used, so this is excellent for checking phonemic awareness in lower grades! Tutorial

Instead of doing a Lunch & Learn, please let me know if you have questions or need help and we can set up a time to meet!

Click Here to Check Out Student iPads

Fill out 'Description' with how many iPads you need.

Waiting Games and Transitions

I was recently reminded of one of my favorite ways to redeem those minutes spent waiting and thought I would share! Use riddles and hink pinks to boost critical thinking and language skills when you have a few minutes to fill. Create your own cards or purchase them on TpT. Keep cards on a ring or in a library card pocket and choose one randomly. Kids love these! Here are a few links to get you started.

Alphabet Riddles

Weather Riddles

100 Riddles for 3rd grade

Hink Pinks

Inference What Am I?