News from Ms. Lytle's ALERT

2nd and 3rd Grade Classes

What's Happening in ALERT?

Important Dates:

Late April - ALERT Progress Reports

April 29th Half Day

May 9th - Forest Lake 3rd Graders -Jones Gap State Park

May 23rd-27th Last Week of ALERT

May 30th -Memorial Day Holiday

Learning and Practicing the Habits of Mind

In April, ALERT students have been using many Habits of Mind:

Learning continuously and Persisting to complete our Expert Research on a plant or animal from Jones Gap State Park.

Gathering data through all senses and Taking responsible risks on our nature hike and river study at the Jones Gap.
Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision as they complete their field study packets in ALERT quality.

Questioning and Posing Problemswhile creating our survey projects

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M3 Math - Digging For Data

ALERT students are exploring data collection and graphing. Students have been completing a Survey Project. Each partnership decided on a question to ask the class. We used Google forms to survey our ALERT friends. We collected our results on a Excel spreadsheet and created graphs to present our findings. We collected all kinds of interesting data; favorite fruit, favorite color, favorite Related Arts activity, favorite video game, etc. Ask your students about the Mystery Graph activity!

Ms. Lytle's Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. Since I serve three different schools, email is the best way to get in touch. I am Lake Carolina every Monday and Tuesday, Forest Lake on Wednesdays and Bookman Road on Thursdays and Fridays.