How To Use a Compass

So you want to use a compass Eh?

What is it

In short terms. A compass is a tool that has a magnetized pointer with two sides one pointing on North and the other on South.


So when you see a compass you notice that it has a N,S,W,E those stand for North,South,West, and East.If your using an advanced compass you might also see NE,NW,SE,SW And those stand for North East, North West, South East , and South West
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Step by step

How to use

step 1. Understand the basic layout of the compass.
step 2. Hold the compass correctly.
step 3. Find out where you're facing.
step 4. Understand the difference between "true" North and "magnetic" North.
step 5. Learn to correct for declination.

step 6.Gather your bearings to find out which direction you're headed.

step 7.Continue moving in this direction.

step 8.Focus on points in the distance.

step 9. Transpose the direction of travel onto your map.

step 10.Learn to take a bearing from the map.

step 11.Use the new bearing to navigate.

step 12.Find your destination.