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1. Safari Technology Preview Released with Bug Fixes and Feature Tweaks

Apple announced its escalating efforts in the area of web development, with the launch of a new version of its Safari web browser, designed exclusively for developers named as Safari Technology Preview. Contact Apple Safari problems and errors by calling technical support number. The company says that the browser will allow developers to get a premature look at upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS, including the most recent layout technologies, visual effects, and other developer tools. Read more at

2. El Capitan Boot Camp Affected by Apple’s New SIP

With Apple’s new security feature in OS X "El Capitan" the Mac is now more secure with this update. This security feature gives support to the system by maintaining the security. This latest feature is dubbed as System Integrity Protection (SIP); this secured technology lessens the possibility of Apple malware or other known vulnerabilities. System Integrity Protection prevents any user including the all-powerful root user to write in specific locations in OS X mainly in the System Folders. With this new integrity, Apple is now much more secure. But with this, some additional restrictions are also made in this security update which somehow are affecting system administrations and can make windows bootable issues to occur. This fresh concept is sometimes said to be "rootless" by preventing changes, even though the user are not allowed to have root privileges on the device. Read more at

3. Learn How to Solve Apple Email Verification Problems

Nowadays, having an Apple ID is a must if you are using an Apple product support services. With an authentic Apple ID, you can do a lot of things, like buying various apps, log in to your iCloud account or access Apple support and view your product information. To use these Apple web services (iCloud and iTunes), users have to first register in their mailing account with complete verification method. If you did not get any verification mail in your assigned email address by Apple, then follow the below-given steps to follow the verification issue:-

Search for the email

Sometimes, some of the mails jump into spam folders and are hard to find. Hence, before doing anything it’s good to check the folders accurately. It might be in the spam, junk, trash, deleted items, or archive folder. Read more at

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