Ky Glenn Bourke 17th March 2004


Mother: Kristy James

Dad: Glenn Bourke

Step Mum: Maryann Carpenter

Brother: Taj Bourke

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Most Amazing Achievement

Ky Bourke was the best swimmer in swimming lessons when he was four years old.
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The Journey

Ky Bourke went to swimming lessons when he was one years to four years
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Education and schooling

Jubilee primary school year 1,6 2010,2015
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where I live

Ky Bourke lives in Guwanaba,Queensland Australia
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Mum came from Brisbane

Dad came from Canberra

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Stuff I Did

When Ky was riding on a bike Ky cut his chest open on a sharp pole.

Ky broke his arm and cut it open I got a scare so I can prove it.

Ky got bit by a dog on the bum because Ky hit the dog.

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