Brain and Music

By: Kayla German


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How does your brain remember music?

  • Rhythm and pattern help us to remember different things, it’s not different voices, or volumes, it’s more the dynamics in human speech.

  • Repetition of listening to a song, or various songs, eventually gets it stuck into your brain, and causes you to remember them for a while.

Is there any way to not get songs stuck in your head?

  • Scientists said that the ear worms, are causing your brain to repetitively remember songs.

  • Scientists also say trying some harder problems, or brain teasers can help to get songs out of your head.

What does the ear worm have to do with music getting stuck in your head?

  • Ear worms, are not parasites that crawl around in your ear, An ear worm is a catchy tune or song that runs through someone's mind time and time again.

What part of your brain is affected by memory?

  • There are 3 major parts of the brain. and they are the cerebrum, Cerebellum, and the brain stem. The Cerebellum is the part that controls the memory.

What part of your brain is affected by music?

  • The Cerebrum, it is located at the top front part of your head, the brain cells on both sides, are parts that memorize patterns, and song lyrics.

  • The Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, therefore recalling past memories, and song lyrics.

Why do we remember song lyrics so well, but not school work?

  • We have something called cement memory, which means that we can only store so much information in our brains.

  • Our memories can be overfilled with song lyrics, not leaving as much space for work or schooling.