Support Animal PSA

By: Yash Sarada

What are support animals?

A support animal is an animal that helps a human perform a certain task that they are unable to preform or help a human in anyway. There are five main types of support animals and 6 main types of schools to train support animals.

What kind of support animals schools are out there and what do they teach?

Basic Training

A school where an animal is trained to interact with humans and take care of itself. There are many schools that teach this to many different animals, not just dogs!

(Dogs being used as support)

Emotional Support

Emotional support dogs are trained at many facilities to learn to comfort their owner and help them relax. These dogs are given to people with disabilities from the ADA. These dogs are able to prevent their owners from having seizures and helping them recuperate from injuries.

Therapeutic Support

Like emotional support dogs, these dogs are trained to help people with disabilities recuperate from any injuries and to comfort them. There are many schools thorought the United States that teach dogs this and they can be obtained from the ADA

Psychiatric Support

These dogs are trained to mainly help children and people with mental or physical disabilities. These dogs are allowed to go anywhere with their owner unless a building restricts them, but it is very hard to get psychiatric dogs restricted from a building. These dogs can be obtained from the ADA with the proper permissions.

Military Support and Police Support

These dogs are specially trained to assist people in the armed forces or police force. There are special breeds if dogs used for this job and they are specially trained by experts at special facilities. These dogs can be trained to smell drugs, catch criminals, find bombs, and so much more. There is a dog for about every job there is in the army or in the police force!