This country is not a founder of the E.U.(European Union.)

What attracts people to Croatia

Croatia has many features that attract tourists such as building details, food and national parks. Croatian dishes are always prepared fresh. National parks have the best views around, the biggest attraction in the parks are the amazing free flowing waterfalls.

History of Croatia

Croatia was apart of Hungary and Austria for along time then they broke off in the early 1500s. Croatia is located southeast Europe on the Adriatic sea. It also borders 5 cities, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegvnia, and Montenegro. Croatia joined the E.U. on July 1, 2012.

Flag history

The colors white and blue stand for the kingdom of slavania, the colors white and red stand for the kingdom of Croatia, and the colors red and blue stand for Dalmatia.

Capital and 4 majoir cities of croatia

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Geography and government of Croatia

Croatia has lots of islands, mountains, and waterfalls. The land is mostly low lands (near th water). In the lands of Croatia there are lots of deep caves and in the waters theres big reefs. The government in Croatia is the unitary parliamentary constitution republic.

Money in Croatia

The Croatians use Kuna for money instead of the euro.

3 interesting facts about Croatia

1. It is a heart shaped island.

2. Has the smallest town in the world.

3. The money is named after a rodent.