El Robledo

My village

El Robledo

El Robledo is in the centre of Ciudad Real in Spain. It is a small village. It’s got approximately 1250 inhabitants.

The climate in El Robledo is Mediterranean . In winter it is cold and in summer it is hot. I don’t like the weather in winter because it is too windy but I like it in summer because it is hot during the day and fresh during the night.

El robledo is a modern village. It became independent from Porzuna in 1985. El Robledo is famous for its river called the river Bullaque.

In El Robledo you can see an old church which my father helped to construct and a characteristic main square.

There are lots of things to do in El Robledo. You can go swimming and canoeing to the river, assist to the patron saint festivities of the Virgen del Prado on august 15th, the village Independence celebration on the 3rd of September, A festivity made in the river the 31st of December and more.

The main industry is agricultura and rural tourism.